How a multilingual ASO strategy can drive your mobile App porward?

In 2020, the total number of downloaded applications worldwide exceeded 175 billion. This impressive number shows that the current level of competition in the application store market is increasing. Recent situations have shown that you can spend large sums of money on google play aso but there is no guarantee that your application will be visible. If you want to create a rock-solid ASO profile and want to get rid of the need to get paid installs or android installs through Adwords or Facebook tools, then having a successful and innovative application is essential. And I’d like to recommend the ASO World team, the best aso service supplier for you to promote your app marketing.

Multilingual ASO strategy principles

There is no doubt that English apps are widely acclaimed in most parts of the world. You can easily call English the universal language of modern business. This sentence is absolutely true. However, English apps are more popular in English-speaking countries and benefit from it. At the same time, African countries also prefer applications based on the United Kingdom and the United States, and now maintain nearly 50% of the market share. However, most countries in the world do not speak English well.

Good demand for English apps in the market

A large part of the world does not understand English, so providing English apps anywhere is a wrong strategy. Choosing people who do not plan to find English apps in the Apple App Store or Google Play as the target audience will bring real failure. Note that people always search in their own language first. Therefore, it is natural that geographical boundaries and country/regional differences will greatly affect the latest trends in application promotion. After finding the target audience, remember that language issues are crucial. Language is usually more important than occupation or country of origin. In addition, a variety of applications may extend far beyond the country/region where the application was originally created. For example, applications produced in Spain are most popular in South American countries/regions.

Measure the value of the product

Due to recent trends in the market (including major internationalization of existing applications), please evaluate the value of your application. Give yourself the answer to a question: “Is your app valuable only in English?” If it is only available in English, make sure to make significant improvements to it to compete with other apps on the market.

If you want to fully adapt to the new market needs, providing translated applications is not enough. There is a list of applications that can only be provided in English, such as calendar list applications or certified applications. Other applications require high-quality translation and localization (internationalization) to enter new markets. In addition, once your application is offered to a new market, be sure to process the new user group and its request. At the same time, the internationalization of your application can bring more opportunities for its further growth and better visibility.

Localized keywords

If you tend to enter new markets, make sure to localize your keywords. Recent research shows that application developers generally prefer to use locally popular words and phrases as their main keywords. The main goal of every developer and marketer is to win a place in the local market once the required services and products are provided.

In order to gain a place in the market, please follow the suggestions below:

? Create a special store list for each local market you want to work in.
? Choose the appropriate keywords for each market.
? Adapt your application to the needs of the local target audience.

The benefits of translation and localization

If you think that translation may waste your money and time, please make sure you think in the wrong way. If you don¡¯t want to pay for the localization and translation of the application, it may not be suitable for the needs of the local market. In addition, translation is usually a one-time fee, so you need to pay for fully localized content, and you can use them further without making any complex improvements. When localizing your application, it is important to use professional translation services. After localizing the content, please use the translator help. You can also conduct certain keyword research through search tools to obtain a wide range of foreign language keywords for your ASO exploration.

It is easy to find excellent translators on the Internet. Great sites for finding experienced translators are Upwork, TranslatorsCafe, Smartcat and Parlam.

How to conduct ASO research in different languages

With the development of the international trend, every developer and marketer needs to understand the methods and tools of ASO keyword exploration in different languages. The Tool, an advanced research tool for keyword research, can be successfully used in the ASO strategy process.

When running TheTool, perform the following steps:

? Add your application, then select the store and area;
? Add your application and enter your competitors;
?Check the provided keywords or manually enter keywords;
? Navigate to “Search” in the “Application Metrics” section;
? Add or import new keywords in the selected section.
? Get keyword scores.

The ToolTool platform provides relevant keywords and displays the keyword¡¯s effectiveness, difficulty rate, number of opposing applications, predictable traffic scores, and analyzed application rankings. The tool can do research using as many keywords as you plan to check. After considering keywords and phrases, you can delete the list and set tracking options to monitor the mentioned keywords over time and get more detailed metrics.

Modern keyword research tools can link your personal account to iTunes Connect, so you may get more important data and graphs. If you want to achieve real success, stay multilingual and monitor a set of locations in order to gain global visibility in your app. Use the keyword research tool and use the “Location” button to easily switch to another location and start the same process in another country. The Tool standard service pack allows tracking up to 200 keywords in ten countries/regions. Of course, if you plan to expand your business into new local and international markets, you can use advanced software packages to track more keywords in a wider range of countries.

Optimized Apple App Store list for different regions

There is no difficulty in creating the Apple App Store list, so every developer and marketer can reach the goal of app promotion activities without complicated efforts. After launching ASO activities, please take advantage of all the possibilities that various markets bring to you to continuously improve your language content. Once you have completed the internationalization of your application, make sure to generate a list of imitations for each country and region you want to target in development and promotional activities. Once the region and language are selected, the iTunesConnect account can focus on various markets. After selecting the local market, please ensure that the content of the application is correctly translated to start the local promotion. Check every detail of app promotion and make sure everything matches perfectly! Track and test selected keywords, pictures, and other important details.

After completing all preparations, you will get a new list! The main process of application optimization involved in international ASO includes:

? Translation preparation and maintenance;
? Conduct initial keyword research by country or region;
?Keyword monitoring and testing process;
? Create a product list and update it constantly.

You can perform these four simple processes quickly, so your application optimization will not take much time. After completing all the processes, you can start to simply manage the results. Many modern tools can be used to handle these processes because they are easy to improve and integrate, easy to manage, and quick to complete each task.

When you develop the most successful ASO strategy, remember that the internationalization of the application is surprisingly little work, but remember the potential benefits it can bring. By properly establishing and tracking these processes, and implementing them through unique ideas, you will gain the visibility you want in your business and open up new local markets around the world.

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