How to Earn an Income Painting With Acrylics

One of the benefits of using acrylic paints is they can be used on almost any surface. This means that the options are endless to what it is possible to create. You can use the web and acrylic painting books to get ideas and instructions aswell.

Painting greeting cards. Making your personal greeting cards is a great way to start small. I suggest purchasing lightweight acrylic or watercolor grade paper. You can first cut the paper in two to enable you to make two cards. Fold the paper in two and develop a nice scene on leading. Don’t get too fancy or it will require a long time to generate a minimum number of cards. A fairly snow scene with several pine trees should only take a couple of minutes to make. Use plenty of water in your acrylics and let the paint flow like watercolor. You could use a stamp for the greeting message to make a nice neat message. Keep it generic, so everyone who buys it can use it.

Painting diamond painting hobby . Painted glassware appears to be a popular at craft sales. This project requires baking the glass to permanently affix the paint to the glass. Glassware is pretty inexpensive at dollar stores. Vases with a little floral vine wrapped around would create a nice inexpensive project. Wine glasses sell constantly when designed for the holiday or special season. Make sure that you paint on the outside of glassware. For example, paint a plate externally so that the paint does not become damaged or come in contact with food during use. Use an opaque acrylic enamel paint and follow directions for baking time. Directions are often to let it sit for at least a day. After the 24 hours is over set your oven to 350 degrees and bake the glass for half an hour.

Other items that you can paint on are clothing, candles, tin or metal items. Like greeting cards and glassware, use your imagination and see what you can grab at dollar stores, flee markets and garage sales to paint on. With all the projects mentioned, ensure that you follow manufactures directions if you want to apply heat or other special measures to your project.

If you have a web site, it is possible to promote your item there. In case you are just starting, try renting space at craft fairs. Place ads on your own local Craigslist and ensure that you add pictures of one’s products. Take a few samples to work or school and advertise there. All the best and have fun painting.

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